Building and use permits

Building and use permits

By law, a building permit is required for all buildings with an area of more than 60 sq.m. or a height of more than 5 m. For buildings from 20 to 60 sq.m. it is necessary to submit a building notice. The best part of our service is that we fully manage the entire process of obtaining a building permit: from obtaining design conditions to submitting an application to the register of construction works. Сonstruction without a permit is prohibited.

Why do you need use permit?
1. This is a legal requirement. Using a building that does not have use permit may result in a fine from the local authority.
2. Selling the property without use permit may be difficult, as banks are increasingly refusing to grant mortgages for such property. A potential buyer is more likely to prefer a property with an existing permit rather than apply for it after the purchase.
3. In case of an insured event, the insurer may refuse to pay some claim if there is no use permit.
4. A use permit is important for your confidence to know that building meets the requirements and is safe for you and your family.

Therefore, before starting to use the building for its intended purpose, it is necessary to obtain a use permit. Usually, the owner starts thinking about it when the construction company has already finished the work, received the last payment, and is occupied with another project. But the good news is that there is a way to solve this situation! We fully manage the entire process of obtaining a use permit for you. If required, we will arrange all the necessary documentation and organize measurements or audits. This process consists of several steps:

- after receiving the application, we assess the availability of the necessary documents;
- we plan a visit to the site, where we assess the compliance of the building with the building permit and the construction project;
- after a visit to the site and analysis of the available documentation, we determine the cost of the service. At this point, it might be necessary to make changes to the structure of the building (partial demolition, replacement of structures, the introduction of additional elements, etc.). The owner shall decide if to continue the process of obtaining a use permit or not;
- after agreeing upon the price and signing a contract, we proceed with the creation or ordering of the necessary documents. Depending on the case, there might be needed different documents, for example, building inspection report, report of covered works, audit of construction works, audit of electrical installations, as-built drawings, amendment project, geodetic survey etc.;
- when all documents are collected, they are structured and uploaded to the register of construction works. A state fee of 30 euros shall be paid (for illegal consturction 500 euros);
- state construction expert, as well as related authorities (rescue board, environmental board etc.), make their comments and may require additional documents confirming the safety of the building. We will take care of all communication with the authorities;
- all required corrections are made and use permit is issued;

How much does the service for obtaining a use permit cost?
As every case is different, pricing may vary greatly. The simplest cases can cost as little as 500 euros, and the most difficult ones can go up to 5000 euros. To get a more accurate price, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or by filling out the form on the website.